Shedding Our Skins

A Sacred Journey Through Spirit

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Date: Spring 2020

Location: TBA

Cost: $385CAN (includes tuition, meals and accommodation)

‘Shedding our Skins’ is an intensive weekend workshop that is designed to take you on a journey of self discovery and deep healing. With the assistance of your Ancestors and Spirit Guides, alongside those of the surrounding land and your facilitators, Mari and Darlene Abraham, you will travel through multifaceted layers of your being, exposing yourself to the innate gifts and abilities of your unique Spirit.  By shedding old skins, you will experience the world in and around you as an opportunity to unfold into the infinite.


Mari Abraham is a professional educator, traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner and intuitive. Darlene Abraham is a Healing Touch and Qi Gong practitioner. Combining sacred theatre, ancient Zulu teachings, Qi Gong and Healing Touch, you will be guided through a variety of rituals and procedures developed in collaboration with the Ancestors.


Some of the activities will include a traditional river washing and fire ceremony where the participants will actively engage in releasing outdated skins. Other planned activities involve connecting to land, animal and elemental spirits, Ancestors, Star Nations and the ancient primal energies of our Earth Mother. We will also work toward linking these energies to the relationships we have to ourselves and others; thereby deepening our connection to Spirit and the endless, radiating possibilities of embodying who we truly are.


Workshops begin at 6:00pm on the Friday and conclude around 2:00pm on Sunday. Price includes tuition, meals, and accommodation. Personal snacks and beverages are not included in the price.


REGISTRATION: For information and registration, please contact:


Mari Abraham @