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Services Offered

  • Traditional Bones Reading

  • Land Healing/ House Cleansing

  • RISE! -Monthly Workshops

  • Invite me to your Community!

  • Washing Ceremony

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Couple/Family Healing

  • Tea and Tune-ups


• All services are done under the guidance of the Ancestors and Great Spirit (God).
• These offerings are considered gifts. Your financial support is considered a gift in exchange. All exchanges are approximate and subject to change due to the unique nature of each situation. Please inquire if you are in need of financial assistance. Trades and sliding scales are negotiable.


Traditional Reading of the Bones

$150.00/session (individual, group, family)
Approx. 1 hour in length
Connect, communicate and strengthen your relationship with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides through a traditional 'reading of the bones'. In this ancient Zulu tradition, a sacred bundle of bones and other objects are 'thrown' as a form of divination. You will directly receive information, guidance and healing from your unique Ancestral group. 

NOTE: Distance readings are also available!


RISE! Monthly Public Workshop

These ongoing ‘healing journey’ workshops are for everyone. Teachings and activities are designed to support your individual healing path and the needs of the collective group during the session. The intention of these workshops is to promote and assist the growth of your own empowerment as an embodied spiritual being on Earth. Stand tall move and forward with confidence!

Date: Postponed until further notice!

Time: 10am – 2pm

Location: 510 Beecroft River Rd., Cawston, BC

Cost: $50 or by donation (bring your own lunch)

Monthly Community Meditation

Open to all! Please dress in layers and bring what you need to comfortable - yoga mat, pillow, blanket, etc. Chairs are provided for those who do not wish to use the floor!

Date: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Location: Retreat site, 2124 Wooden Rd., Cawston, BC

Cost: By Donation


Invite me to your Community!

If you are interested in hosting a group meditation, a workshop and/or private consultations in your community, please inquire. We would be honoured to share our gifts with you! 

Cost varies due to the needs of your community, travel, accommodation expenses and any other cost associated with this work. 


Land Healing/House Cleansing

$200 - $350 Reading and Primary Healing
Time can range from approximately 2 - 4 hours
An intuitive and energetic look at your home, property and/or land location. From the information gathered, a healing ceremony is performed.


Washing Ceremony

$150.00+ (depending on location)
Time can range from approximately 2 - 4 hours
Each washing is unique and will vary according to circumstance.

A washing ceremony can be, but is not limited to:
• Cleansing/Clearing (energy blockages, bad medicine, Karma, trauma)
• Sacred Union (between one's spirit and the self, or a life partner)
• Upliftment (to bring back joy, laughter, peace and life)
• Death Ceremony (shamanic death, physical death, death of a loved one)
• Birth Ceremony (new baby, new life, shamanic rebirth)
• Coming of Age
• Shamanic Initiation and Sealing
• Ancestors (reconnection, gratitude, healing)


Shamanic Healing

$90/1 hour OR $120/2 hours
Energetic alignment, chakra balancing, auric field clearing and spiritual cleansing.


Couple/Family Healing

$140 (approximately 1.5 - 2 hours)

Heal the past and move forward together! These sessions help you identify and release blocks, painful patterns and obstacles that stand in the way of a healthy, loving relationship to your self and one another. 


Tea and Tune-Ups

Free or By Donation (20min.): Postponed until further notice!

This free service is offered every first and third Sunday of the month to local community members, visitors, family, friends - any and all who wish to come, are welcome!

There will be two or more volunteer practitioners on-site who are open to sharing their healing gifts and techniques with you. We also serve organic, fair trade tea and offer a unique selection of reading material for your personal exploration!

Location: 618A, 7th Ave., Keremeos, BC

Time: 10am - 2:pm

Date: Postponed until further notice!