Healing Our Shadows

A Journey of Sacred Union

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Date: Spring/Summer 2020

Location: TBA

EXCHANGE AMOUNT: $385CAN (includes tuition, meals and accommodation)

This intensive Shamanic workshop is designed in collaboration with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides. With their guidance, we will journey into our shadow self to uncover, recognize and bring into light the fears which inhibit us from accessing our sacred Unified Self. 

Mari Abraham is a professional educator, traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner and intuitive. Darlene Abraham is a Healing Touch and Qi Gong practitioner. Combining sacred theatre, ancient Zulu teachings, Qi Gong and Healing Touch, you will be guided through a variety of rituals and procedures developed in collaboration with the Ancestors. 

Many people today spend time and commitment working towards uplifting and empowering their Light bodies. While this is a worthwhile journey, we often forget, or completely deny, the existence of our Shadow bodies. When this occurs, our Shadows become ill. A sick Shadow does not allow you to live in balance and harmony with the energies of the Universe. In this workshop, we will work towards cleansing, healing and uplifting our Shadows, so that they may, once again, take their rightful place as the ultimate partner of your Light body. The energy of this ancient and Sacred Union is an important step towards the expansion and empowerment of your Soul. 

Activities will include a fire cleansing ritual and a Sacred Union river ceremony!

Workshops begin at 6:00pm on the Friday and conclude around 4:00pm on Sunday. Price includes tuition, accommodation and meals. Personal snack and beverages are not included in the price.

REGISTRATION: For information and registration, please contact: 
Mari Abraham @ marisoulflyer@gmail.com