Who are the Ancestors?

In my experience, the Ancestors are a group of spiritual Beings that assist us with our highest path and purpose in this lifetime. Each individual, or group of Ancestors, vibrate to a specific frequency. To communicate with them, you must simply learn to ‘tune-in’. Ancestors can be, but are not limited to:

  • Bloodlines: past, present, future
  • Angels, Arch Angels
  • Gods/Goddesses
  • Ascended Masters/Mistresses
  • Star Nations
  • Elemental/Otherworldly Beings
  • Animal Spirits
  • Cosmic Bodies: suns, stars, moon, planets, etc.

Some Ancestors stay with us our entire life, while others come and go to help learn certain lessons at different times. Regardless, all interaction with Ancestors leads to further discovery of the power of Unconditional Love.