Mari Abraham Cawston BC


My name is Mari Abraham. I am an ordinary person and continuously have personal challenges and obstacles to overcome. I am also a traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner - a Sangoma. I do not view these as separate. 

My shamanic apprenticeship took place in the Karkloof Valley of  Kaw-Zulu Natal, South Africa. I lived with my teachers (immersion) and have approximately 9000 hours of traditional training. My Pothula, or 'sealing' ceremony - where you are seen by your spiritual council and your teachers to have completed your training - was in 2008. I have been working as a Sangoma ever since. Each step on this path brings new insight and further development to my skills and abilities. I continue to be a dedicated student to the Universal energies and Divine Source. 

Prior to taking this journey I was a professional teacher in the public education system of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am an Alumni of the University of Lethbridge and hold a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dramatic Arts). 

Blending my academic, cultural and shamanic training, I am able to bridge spiritual viewpoints, knowledge and ancient wisdom in authentic and meaningful ways.
As a practitioner of the old and new ways combined, it is important for me to remain dedicated to the power of Unconditional Love and the Source from which it comes.  My role is to assist in the empowerment and embodiment of the potential for greatness in all Beings.